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Wow Shaping Society is all about knowledge sharing. Working together with partners in the fields of built environment and logistics along 8 areas of expertise.

Innovate to keep cities and places accessible for everybody. Designing attractive, safe and liveable places. Tackling logistic challenges caused by modern trends and developments.

Together we work on the exchange of knowledge and skills between industry, government, society and education. By doing so, we aim for state of the art education in order to deliver top students to our industry.

Browse through the areas of expertise and projects or visit BUas.nl or the Shaping Society website, linked below:

Ruud Hornman about increase of road deaths on Radio 1

April 18, 2019

Aftermovie mini congres JLN and Justin recruitement

April 10, 2019

Cooperation between Rijkswaterstaat en Breda University confirmed

Oktober 01, 2018

Maarten van Rijn nominated as Logsitcs Guru 2018

September 27, 2018

BUas launches Cycle Highway Life Cycle video

September 05, 2018

Manual Bike Guerilla available

Juni 19, 2018

NHTV cycling signboard new national standard?

April 10, 2018

NHTV signs cooperation agreement with Vereniniging Deltametropool

Maart 15, 2018

Logistics Management in Oman

Maart 06, 2018

NHTV signs cooperation agreement with Vialis

Februari 09, 2018

15-03-2018 - Masterclass Electric Transportation

Januari 08, 2018

Community event logistic talent programme

November 30, 2017

Professorship Urban Intelligence finalist in World Smart City Award 2017

November 17, 2017

Cycle simulator at the Day of Sustainability

Oktober 10, 2017

NHTV talent development programme in mobility

Oktober 03, 2017

CycleSpex at CIVITAS conference 2017

Oktober 02, 2017

Cycle innovations in Noord-Brabant

September 22, 2017

Logistic knowledge institute connects education and business

September 20, 2017

Jan Willem Proper: Logistics needs to connect West-Brabant

September 14, 2017

Blokko, Serious Gaming in logistics

September 13, 2017

Cycle Spex and Cycle Print in Brabant Magazine

September 04, 2017

Samsung and NHTV start Minor Supply Chain

September 04, 2017

A ‘sneak preview’ on cycle projects

Augustus 24, 2017

Smart & Healthy City special

Juni 13, 2017

2nd Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon Dubai

BUas is member of the Y4PT (Youth for Public Transport) network. Y4PT's aim is to promote the active participation of young professionals on transport and mobility issues at all levels. Y4PT connects cities, public transport organizations, professionals and a broad network of young professionals with different expertise from all over world.

Minor Retrofitting the sprawled city - Calgar

On a yearly basis the four best students of the minor 'Retrofitting the sprawled city' leave to our partner city Calgary to rethink the car oriented grid structure of the city under supervision of lecturer Paul van de Coevering or Ineke Spape. Each year the group of students take on a different challenge related to rethinking Calgary!

FreshBrains in action in Germany

How to promote a cycling culture into a starting cycling city in Germany? That was the question the German Ministry of Transport asked to BUas's professorship Mobility Management. Fresh First Years Brains went to Germany, together with professor Ineke Spapé, to advice the German City of Kassel on how to improve their city for cyclists!

Minor Entrepreneurship: challenging business

In September, over 60 students have started in the Minor Resilient Entrepreneurship at the Breda University of applied sciences. In this minor it's about real life business cases, what it means to be an entrepreneur and turning a concept into business.

Overview of where our students go for their internship!

Gaining experience in a professional context is important during education as well as fun! This GIS-map provides an overview of all intern and graduation positions in the domains of Built Environment and Logistics for the last 5 years.

WOW partners


Our academy operates in a broad network of partners to create an inspiring learning environment for our students. Want to meet them? Head over to our "partners section"

Minor 'Smart City, Color your Future'

To make cities future proof, an integral approach is necessary. In the minor 'Smart City, Color your Future', 22 Logistics and Mobility students have developed an integrated vision for their liveable and future-proof city or region.

Training Business Intelligence

Breda University of Applied Sciences ontwikkelt samen met FreightPlaza een business intelligence training voor professionals in de logistiek en supply chain. In het 1e kwartaal 2019 is de pilot met 9 bedrijven uit de logistiek en supply chain en 4 studenten positief verlopen. 8 mei 2019 start de 2e reeks.

What do you with your unused medicines?

Unused medicines cause pollution and economic damage. 4th year students of Breda University of applied sciences set up Medica-Turn to change the behavior of people and increase the amount of unused medicine via municipality Breda and pharmacists in Breda.