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Wow Shaping Society is all about knowledge sharing. Working together with partners in the fields of built environment and logistics along 8 areas of expertise.

Innovate to keep cities and places accessible for everybody. Designing attractive, safe and liveable places. Tackling logistic challenges caused by modern trends and developments.

Together we work on the exchange of knowledge and skills between industry, government, society and education. By doing so, we aim for state of the art education in order to deliver top students to our industry.

Browse through the areas of expertise and projects or visit the NHTV or Shaping Society websites, linked below:

2nd Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon Dubai

NHTV is member of the Y4PT (Youth for Public Transport) network. Y4PT's aim is to promote the active participation of young professionals on transport and mobility issues at all levels. Y4PT connects cities, public transport organizations, professionals and a broad network of young professionals with different expertise from all over world.

Minor Retrofitting the sprawled city - Calgar

On a yearly basis the four best students of the minor 'Retrofitting the sprawled city' leave to our partner city Calgary to rethink the car oriented grid structure of the city under supervision of lecturer Paul van de Coevering or Ineke Spape. Each year the group of students take on a different challenge related to rethinking Calgary!

Fresh Brains in Eindhoven!

Collaborate and share knowledge in an innovative way was put central in the ambitions of the FreshBrains week in Eindhoven. Students in Mobility from both NHTV as well as Hasselt University challenged themselves with topics on ‘urbanism and pedestrians’. They presented their result for the commissioning party the city of Eindhoven.

1st Y4PT International Hackathon Moscow

NHTV is member of the Y4PT (Youth for Public Transport) network. Y4PT's aim is to promote the active participation of young professionals on transport and mobility issues at all levels. Y4PT connects cities, public transport organisations, professionals and a broad network of young professionals with different expertise from all over world.

FreshBrains in action in Germany

How to promote a cycling culture into a starting cycling city in Germany? That was the question the German Ministry of Transport asked to NHTV's professorship Mobility Management. Fresh First Years Brains went to Germany, together with professor Ineke Spapé, to advice the German City of Kassel on how to improve their city for cyclists!

A grip on contemporary urban challenges

How to inspire students for their domain of study and how to introduce them to the contemporary challenges cities face worldwide regarding Built Environment or Logistics? Togerther with our partners abroad each educational program of our academy organizes an excursion to a city in the second year. London calling for Spatial Development students!

Overview of where our students go for their internship!

Gaining experience in a professional context is important during education as well as fun! This GIS-map provides an overview of all intern and graduation positions in the domains of Built Environment and Logistics for the last 5 years.

WOW partners


Our academy operates in a broad network of partners to create an inspiring learning environment for our students. Want to meet them? Head over to our "partners section"

Event Logistics: analysis for festivals

Students were able to use data from the industry and reported on event layouts, crowd management and risk analysis.

BLOKKO Mania – Serious Logistics Gaming Oman

Customers, suppliers, factories… LEGO all over the place! A couple of weeks ago Maarten van Rijn and Bram Havekes supported the first round of the Serious Logistics Game ‘BLOKKO’ for Middle East College in Muscat, Oman, as part of our Partner Program.

Aurora Project at NMIT Malaysia

In May 2018, Piet Berkers has been a guest lecturer at the Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology (NMIT), based in Johor Bahru (Malaysia). It is part of an exchange program between NHTV and NMIT to interest students, after completing their Diploma at NMIT, to spend one year in Breda to get a Bachelor Degree.

What about Control Towers?!

The Control Tower project at NHTV (Breda University) is about to be finished. A whole new course has been designed, including the creation of a learning management system, the development and use of serious games and improved interaction via webblogs on Wordpress. Do you want to know more or be involved? Read further!

Knowledge Distribution Centre Logistics

Increasing the impact of recommendations in graduation reports on logistic topics from NHTV, Hogeschool Rotterdam, Hogeschool Amsterdam and Hogeschool Windesheim

Graduation Thesis: Avoiding Rush Hour

A study on how to influence smart travel behaviour by learning from data of public transport users. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Lifetime neighbourhoods

A research to opportunities to develop liftetime neighbourhoods in the city of Tilburg, disctrict Armhoefse Akkers. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis : Contract innovation

The development and use of a choice model which makes structured contract management possible. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Route Choices

A research to route choices of elderly bicyclists. A study to what extent route choices of elderly cyclists differ from younger cyclists. (English)

Graduation Thesis: Design for Future Seniors

A research to innovative concepts fitting the needs of future seniors wihtin post-war cities. Concepts of living, health-care and design public space. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis : Balancing workload nurses

A research on the balance between workload and the number of working nurses. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis : Urban Forest

Urban Forest; not in my back yard! A research to resistance factors of residents against urban green in their street. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis : Barcode scan for safety

A study on the feasibility of bedside scanning in order to guarantee patients safety. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Bicycle Parking

To what extent are Dutch bicycle parking facilities transferable to the Danish situation? A research to the differences between Danish and Dutch bicycle cultures. (English)

Graduation Thesis: Smart Travel Choices

How to stimulate car users to switch mode of transportation during rush hour in Maastricht? A qualitative research to the mentality of different user groups in relation to the travel mode choice. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Circular Flowertown

A study to sustainable energy balance in modern cities and how to integrate this in urban desgin. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Manage logistic processes

Developing a logistic model for managing internal logistic processes. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis : Space and Mobility

Understanding the synergy between spatial factors and mobility factors. Developing decision making guidelines to achieve optimal integration between space and mobility. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Optimize care path system

A study on optimizing the care path for lymph node patients. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Future of Rural Areas

What to do with vacant agricultural buildings in region of Noord-Brabant? Four possible future scenarios show the opportunities for vacant agricultural buildings. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Social Networks

Development of a future-proof residential location, what role should cities play in stimulating social networks in neighbourhoods. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Environmental Bylaws

Environment Protection Bylaw, a research on chances and possibilities to draw up bylaws for the protection of living environments. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis : Process optimization

A research on process optimization for Siemens. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Optimize machine planning

A study on the optimization of the planning for the NH5000 (knife machine) at Holmatro. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Excellent Business Park

How to accomplish an excellent business park. A guide to a sustainable future for business parks Noorderveld and Molletjesveer. (Dutch)