Guest lecture by Leo Van Broeck - Vlaams Bouwmeester

Juni 03, 2019

BUas-research on Formula 1 Zandvoort 2020

Mei 22, 2019

VR bike at EU Greenweek Conference in Brussels

Mei 16, 2019

Generating ideas a team effort

Mei 16, 2019

Ruud Hornman about increase of road deaths on Radio 1

April 18, 2019

Aftermovie mini congres JLN and Justin recruitement

April 10, 2019

Cooperation between Rijkswaterstaat en Breda University confirmed

Oktober 01, 2018

Maarten van Rijn nominated as Logsitcs Guru 2018

September 27, 2018

BUas launches Cycle Highway Life Cycle video

September 05, 2018

Manual Bike Guerilla available

Juni 19, 2018

NHTV cycling signboard new national standard?

April 10, 2018

NHTV signs cooperation agreement with Vereniniging Deltametropool

Maart 15, 2018

Logistics Management in Oman

Maart 06, 2018

NHTV signs cooperation agreement with Vialis

Februari 09, 2018

15-03-2018 - Masterclass Electric Transportation

Januari 08, 2018

Breda Koepel Urban Farm

An indoor greenhouse concept design.

Paul van de Coevering to defend PhD thesis

On 17 June Paul van de Coevering will publicly defend his PhD thesis titled: ‘The Interplay between Land Use, Travel Behaviour and Attitudes: a Quest for Causality.’ The public defence takes place from 12.00 to 14.15 and can be viewed live via this link.

Kick-off professorships within ABEL academy

On Friday 20 November, Paul van de Coevering, 'Urban Intelligence' professor, and 'Smart Cities & Logistics' professor Hans Quak presented their ambitions and specific plans for applied research. In a small group, but mostly digital, this marked the follow up of the former, and the official start of the latter.

Professorship Mobility Management

Improving mobility management knowledge: for, by and with the public / private organisations and students Ineke Spapé - associate professor

Professorship Urban Intelligence

Aiming to enhance policy making in the areas of multimodal transportation and built environment by developing research innovations. Providing knowledge which is directly applicable in practice. Paul van de Coevering - associate professor