Closed loop supply chains

"75% of consumers would be more likely to buy a product or service if the company is making an effort to be sustainable" (SolarCity, 2016)


The last two decades, an increasing importance has been paid to create sustainable (supply chain) solutions, such as closed loop supply chains. ‘Among key leaders in business, government and civil society, there is growing consensus and a new feeling of certainty about the future direction of climate action and the need for more systemic responses to poverty, inequality, resource scarcity and other linked issues. The conversation is no longer about the direction and the ultimate destination – instead, it is now about the best way to achieve the goals and the speed at which it can be done.’(SustainAbility, 2016).

Closed loop supply chains are ‘ideally, a zero-waste supply chain that completely reuses, recycles, or composts all materials. However, the term can also be used to refer to corporate take-back programs, where companies that produce a good are also responsible for its disposal’. Successful companies that already apply sustainability concepts are e.g. BMW, Adidas and Coca Cola Enterprises (Forbes, 2016).

The increasing consumer demand for more green products and services also indicates the need for more sustainable supply chain solutions, such as closed loop supply chains (from the demand side).

As it is expected that our next generation will even be more focused on green products and services, no company can afford to ignore sustainability as a key market strategy. Yet, many (small and large) companies still face the challenge to create these sustainable supply chain solutions to ensure their competitive business position for the future.

Medicine worth 180 million thrown away yearly

What do you do with your unused medicine? Reusable medicine worth €180 million are thrown away on a yearly basis.

What do you with your unused medicines?

Unused medicines cause pollution and economic damage. 4th year students of Breda University of applied sciences set up Medica-Turn to change the behavior of people and increase the amount of unused medicine via municipality Breda and pharmacists in Breda.

Compass sustainable transport of goods

The Programme aims to develop a tool that helps companies to further invest in sustainability. The tool must be public and is structured on the basis of a case with 8 transport companies.

Investing in SCF and SCF for SME

The first part was interviewing the (big) buyers how they were paying the (small) suppliers SME. The second part is still going (end date August 2017) and is researching and helping SME’s to get their money faster by reducing the order- to- cash period.

Planner 2.0

Creating a challenging environment in which planners who are working in logistics are stimulated and facilitated to develop personal skills, logistics knowledge and by carrying out a project for their company, which contributes to a more professional planning department.

e-Commerce Warehousing and Inventory Management

Living Lab Logistics Indonesia

A consortium of Dutch universities of applied sciences (NHTV, Hogeschool Rotterdam, HAN) and the Kennisakkoord Logistiek Network (in which also Dutch branch organizations are participating) in cooperation with several Indonesian universities. Project management is provided by Dinalog.

Disruption Management

Developing a disruption tool and approach connected to SCOR model and Global Supply Chain Forum.

Compass sustainable transport of goods (Kompas duurzaam goederenvervoer)

The Programme aims to develop a tool that helps companies to further invest in sustainability. The tool must be public and is structured on the basis of a case with 8 transport companies.

Supply Chain Finance

Collaboration with ControlPay and G-ray.

Dinalog Lab / Innovation Lab

In the lab, knowledge is combined between education (by deploying students and lecturers) and industry. The starting-point is developing concepts that form the basis for the logistics direction center – the control tower – of the future. The control tower can direct and optimize several supply chains at the same time shortly.