Control Tower

In 2013 Control Towers (CT) made its first entry in the logistics minor of the Logistic Engineering and Logistic & Economics landscape. Born out of the conviction that the logistics landscape undergoes major changes today and even more so in the future. Control Towers provides insights that combine new technology, changing the way we are currently working in logistics and taking a hard look at the people and their functions.


A control tower has many shapes and forms, increasing visibility leading to gains and benefits for all actors involved. Focusing on the underlying data to construct visibility and improving collaboration. To make it connect better to the future market demands for future top logistics employees, time is invested in promulgating the latest developments and cases from the industry. Leading logistics innovators are invited to share their cases driven thought and ideas whilst having implemented a particular type of control tower, elaborating on the way of working, the technology used and challenges facing in the area of human factors.


Using a non conventional approach (including fun) and the digital educational resources towards serious games a change in attitude is effectuated, spreading the advantages towards the logistic professionals (and logistic students). Diversified towards the different levels within their (future) organizations, with the purpose of keeping the Netherlands at the top of Logistic chain. As one of the goals of the “Topsector Logistiek”.


A different approach with interaction and collaboration (industry, lecturers and students) form the foundation of the setup of a CT, as without collaboration there are no possibilities of establishing one.

BLOKKO Mania – Serious Logistics Gaming Oman

Customers, suppliers, factories… LEGO all over the place! A couple of weeks ago Maarten van Rijn and Bram Havekes supported the first round of the Serious Logistics Game ‘BLOKKO’ for Middle East College in Muscat, Oman, as part of our Partner Program.

What about Control Towers?!

The Control Tower project at NHTV (Breda University of Applied Sciences) is finished. A whole new course has been designed, including the creation of a learning management system, the development and use of serious games and improved interaction via webblogs on Wordpress. Do you want to know more, read further ...

Knowledge Distribution Centre Logistics

Increasing the impact of recommendations in graduation reports on logistic topics from NHTV, Hogeschool Rotterdam, Hogeschool Amsterdam and Hogeschool Windesheim

Modal shift in Total Logistics

This project is explained by: The idea behind the round table concept; Aim of the round table; Effect; Participants; Next Steps.

Breakthrough project (Bundelen Goederenstromen)

Vertical and horizontal cooperation of shippers and transporters. A number of tools have been designed to simplify horizontal cooperation. Workshops have been organised about best practices, legal framework and operational coordination.

Process Dashboard

KPI Dashboards have been deliverd to 6 of the 9 participating companies.