Smart Cities

“Mobility in Smart Cities is about influencing travel behaviour in order to achieve a balance between supply and demand.”




Multimodality pays attention to all modes of transport. Sustainable transport will be promoted and car use will be discouraged. It is important to research which aspects influence travel behavior, and to which extent.

Synchromobility arises from the term synchro modality, which is used in logistics. The term should not be confused with multimodality. Multimodality means that two or more modes of transport are used during a trip. Synchro mobility means that all modalities are in one network and there are no boundaries between the modalities facilitating travelers to switch from one to another modality. Therefore real-time information like train times are needed and this information should be communicated to traveler.

Influencing (unconscious) behavior

Push- and pull measures will be used to influence behavior. Research for the NHTV Campus shows that there are chances of influencing behavior if the focus of the measures is personal. Personal measures can be generated by categorizing different types of travelers.

Entrepreneurs in mobility

Entrepreneurship and innovation are essential components within mobility management. Parking fees, for instance, could lead to profits that can be used for other mobility management measures. To be able to do business and innovate we would like to introduce the concept of MoMa-nomics. This concept implies that costs, benefits and effects are measured. By evaluating mobility management measures it will be easier to find support for the measures. We are also interested in seeing whether it is possible to start mobility services that are maintained by students. Are you the next entrepreneur?

Kick-off professorships within ABEL academy

On Friday 20 November, Paul van de Coevering, 'Urban Intelligence' professor, and 'Smart Cities & Logistics' professor Hans Quak presented their ambitions and specific plans for applied research. In a small group, but mostly digital, this marked the follow up of the former, and the official start of the latter.

Professorship Mobility Management

Improving mobility management knowledge: for, by and with the public / private organisations and students Ineke Spapé - associate professor

Minor 'Smart City, Color your Future'

To make cities future proof, an integral approach is necessary. In the minor 'Smart City, Color your Future', 22 Logistics and Mobility students have developed an integrated vision for their liveable and future-proof city or region.

Training Business Intelligence

Breda University of Applied Sciences ontwikkelt samen met FreightPlaza een business intelligence training voor professionals in de logistiek en supply chain. In het 1e kwartaal 2019 is de pilot met 9 bedrijven uit de logistiek en supply chain en 4 studenten positief verlopen. 8 mei 2019 start de 2e reeks.

Meetweken Breda 2nd edition

The second edition of Meetweken Breda shows the potential of combining several data sources such as GPS data, count data and survey data to provide insights in the mobility patterns in urban regions.

Mobility Management Portal online

This portal answers today's 100 most important questions on mobility management and functions as a source of knowledge for everything you want to want to know about mobility management.

eco2mobility: think green travel!

To realize and promote an innovative, recognizable, distinctive and attractive selection of recreational routes for cyclists, pedestrians, horseriders, mountain bikers and recreational boating, which enjoys national fame and increases economic benefits in the region.

Publication Pedestrians: ‘Lopen Loont’

How to encourage and facilitate walking in Dutch city planning, finalized in a Handbook for Dutch cities.

Business Sustainability Reporting

The research goal is to develop a system for Public Transport Companies to report on their Sustainability efforts, in relation to the Global Reporting initiative (GRI).

Cycling experience and Behaviour change Brabant

The province Noord-Brabant has the ambition to become Cycling region of the Netherlands in 2020.