Way of Work - Partners

We are proud to present our educational partners. Creating an inspiring learning environment for our students and ensuring state of the art education, requires close working relationships with our industry partners. A partnership can lead to cooperation on several levels, such as: involvement in research projects, co creating courses, executing guest lectures, hosting student excursions, offering internships and involvement in educational policymaking. All this in both international and national setting.


Learning Community partner for new developments in public transports.


Partner in delivering Planner 2.0 courses for the industry

Fontys Venlo

Partner in and creator of customs game in NWO project "Infused 2.0"


Partner & creator of accessibility to online learning in NWO project '"Infused 2.0"

Gemeente Breda

Data analyses and policymaking

Nederlandse Defenieacademie

Partner in Logistics Community Brabant

Tilburg University

Partner in Logistics Community Brabant & NWO project "Serious Logistic Gaming"

TU Eindhoven

Partner in Logistics Community Brabant, Interreg Project CHIPS & NWO project "Infused 2.0"

TKI Dinalog

Together we strive for a strong and sustainable logistics sector


Twinning Agreement Logistics


Samsung and NHTV collaborate in the Supply Chain minor of the SLM education programs

MEC Oman

Double degree: NHTV Logistic Curriculum in Oman

Gemeente Tilburg

Co-operation in European Project: CHIPS

Boostlogix BV

Development & execution of Planner 2.0


Longterm agreement towards innovation & knowlegde sharing

DTV Consultants

Co-operation on research and internships

Smart Mobility Embassy

Connecting expertise in Smart Mobility to our curriculum

Dutch Cycling Embassy

To make NHTV cycling intelligence available for the world

Youth 4 Public Transportation

BUas is part of the Y4PT global hackathon network for young professionals in mobility


We aid each other by exchanging practical knowledge and training new "Vialists"


Security is in our DNA


Architecten stedenbouwkundigen en waarmakers


Leading global Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets.


industry solution - services - countries

Provincie NB

Close cooperation in professorship Urban Intelligence (data and mobility / urban planning)


Services and Solutions Customized for Your Needs


Praktijkgericht onderzoek en data gedreven inzichten