Manual Bike Guerilla available

Juni 19, 2018

NHTV cycling signboard new national standard?

April 10, 2018

NHTV signs cooperation agreement with Vereniniging Deltametropool

Maart 15, 2018

Logistics Management in Oman

Maart 06, 2018

NHTV signs cooperation agreement with Vialis

Februari 09, 2018

15-03-2018 - Masterclass Electric Transportation

Januari 08, 2018

NHTV signs cooperation agreement with Rijkswaterstaat

December 11, 2017

Community event logistic talent programme

November 30, 2017

Professorship Urban Intelligence finalist in World Smart City Award 2017

November 17, 2017

Cycle simulator at the Day of Sustainability

Oktober 10, 2017

NHTV talent development programme in mobility

Oktober 03, 2017

CycleSpex at CIVITAS conference 2017

Oktober 02, 2017

Cycle innovations in Noord-Brabant

September 22, 2017

Logistic knowledge institute connects education and business

September 20, 2017

Jan Willem Proper: Logistics needs to connect West-Brabant

September 14, 2017

Blokko, Serious Gaming in logistics

September 13, 2017

Cycle Spex and Cycle Print in Brabant Magazine

September 04, 2017

Samsung and NHTV start Minor Supply Chain

September 04, 2017

A ‘sneak preview’ on cycle projects

Augustus 24, 2017

Smart & Healthy City special

Juni 13, 2017

Event Logistics: analysis for festivals

Students were able to use data from the industry and reported on event layouts, crowd management and risk analysis.

BLOKKO Mania – Serious Logistics Gaming Oman

Customers, suppliers, factories… LEGO all over the place! A couple of weeks ago Maarten van Rijn and Bram Havekes supported the first round of the Serious Logistics Game ‘BLOKKO’ for Middle East College in Muscat, Oman, as part of our Partner Program.

Aurora Project at NMIT Malaysia

In May 2018, Piet Berkers has been a guest lecturer at the Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology (NMIT), based in Johor Bahru (Malaysia). It is part of an exchange program between NHTV and NMIT to interest students, after completing their Diploma at NMIT, to spend one year in Breda to get a Bachelor Degree.

What about Control Towers?!

The Control Tower project at NHTV (Breda University) is about to be finished. A whole new course has been designed, including the creation of a learning management system, the development and use of serious games and improved interaction via webblogs on Wordpress. Do you want to know more or be involved? Read further!

Breda Hackathon 'People & Goods on the Move'

Providing students with the opportunity to meet students from other NHTV academies and nationalities while giving them the opportunity to show themselves on an international podium. Breda Hackathon 2018 'People and Goods on the Move' is an initiative of NHTV, the city of Breda and Youth for Public Transport (Y4PT)

Knowledge Distribution Centre Logistics

Increasing the impact of recommendations in graduation reports on logistic topics from NHTV, Hogeschool Rotterdam, Hogeschool Amsterdam and Hogeschool Windesheim

Smart and Healthy Cities: Tunnel vision (VR)

Multiple studies, including a VR-study were conducted during 2017. Different objective and subjective perspectives on the experience of underpasses for cyclists within an urban context are analyzed and visualized. This resulted in the title for the whole study “tunnel vision”.

Metamorphosis: child-friendly neighbourhoods

Transformation of neighbourhoods in a child-friendly way to increase the quality of life for all citizens.

VIA NOVA: data and smart mobility

How accurate, reliable and applicable are current in-car data sources for the transition to an autonomous fleet? The partners of the VIA NOVA project explore which data sources are available to be used in current user-cases and determine its quality for the use in future user-cases.

21st century skills in de Logistiek

Infus@2.0 stimuleert en faciliteert de kennisuitwisseling en samenwerking tussen hoger onderwijs en de logistieke MKB- bedrijven. Zo draagt Infus@2.0 bij aan de ontwikkeling van 21st century skills en het innovatieve vermogen van logistieke professionals en logistieke bedrijven.

CHIPS: makes cycling healthy

European cross-border exploration of cycle highway innovations

Mobility Management Portal online

This portal answers today's 100 most important questions on mobility management and functions as a source of knowledge for everything you want to want to know about mobility management.


Urban Intelligence developed the first real Virtual Reality simulator for cycling to explore the interplay between the cyclist and the spatial context

eco2mobility: think green travel!

To realize and promote an innovative, recognizable, distinctive and attractive selection of recreational routes for cyclists, pedestrians, horseriders, mountain bikers and recreational boating, which enjoys national fame and increases economic benefits in the region.

NISTO: Plan and evaluate mobility projects

As part of the NISTO (New Integrated Smart Transport Options) project an online toolkit has been developed for the evaluation and planning of mobility projects.


Cycle Policy Renewal and INnovation by means of tracking Technology enables more customer friendly cycle policy


Better insight in current and future accessibility for employers and employees contributes to smart commuting.

DePICT: encouraging cycling and walking trips

DEPICT stands for ‘DEsigning and Policy Implementation for encouraging Cycling and walking Trips’. CycleSpex, a Virtual Reality simulator for cycling developed by NHTV, is tested by Utrecht University to conduct scientific research to cycling and walking in relation to the urban environment.

Livable neighbourhoods

The project "Residents make their neighbourhoods livable", will be conducted in three Dutch neighbourhoods.

Building blocks for livable districts

Key words are: Social Engineering, Urban Design, Stakeholders, Bottum up, Scenarios, Need pattern’s.

Compass sustainable transport of goods

The Programme aims to develop a tool that helps companies to further invest in sustainability. The tool must be public and is structured on the basis of a case with 8 transport companies.

Ecommerce and warehousing

Introducing online sales by an offline retailer has major implications for both the way the inventory is and the warehouse processes are managed. In two articles these implications are studied.

Investing in SCF and SCF for SME

The first part was interviewing the (big) buyers how they were paying the (small) suppliers SME. The second part is still going (end date August 2017) and is researching and helping SME’s to get their money faster by reducing the order- to- cash period.

NHTV exploring possibilities for Bike Valley Brabant

The Academy for Urban Development, Logistics and Mobility and the research theme of People and Goods on the Move are initiators in the formation of a business plan for the development of Bike Valley Brabant.

Planner 2.0

Creating a challenging environment in which planners who are working in logistics are stimulated and facilitated to develop personal skills, logistics knowledge and by carrying out a project for their company, which contributes to a more professional planning department.

Logistics / Business Sustainability

Consultancy/explanatory research for (RWS) RijksWaterStaat Development of a simulation tool for capacity management for locks. The tools shows the resulting waiting times for ships and cars on different lock systems. The second study was the application of the tool on the Houtribcentrale in Lelystad to see if waiting problems in the future could arise.

Master Class Children in the City (Kinderen in de Stad)

Providing planners with a Master Class on developing and designing child friendly neighborhoods: policy, best practices, tools, steps.

e-Commerce Warehousing and Inventory Management

Gebiedsvisie Noord Limburg

Voor het grondgebied van de gemeenten Cranendonck, Weert, Bocholt en Hamont-Achel is een intentieverklaring ondertekend om maatschappelijke meerwaarde van het gebied te creëren door programmatisch samen te werken. Vanuit de opleiding Urban Design aan de NHTV in Breda is daarvoor een visie opgesteld.

Cycle facts of the North-Brabant region

Developing a themometer to measure cycling in the progress to become cycling region of the world.

Sustainable travel behaviour

Governments around the globe promote sustainable travel behaviour. More and more is expected from the integration of land-use and transportation policy. This research adds to the current knowledge by investigating how households match travel behaviour with their built environment over time.

Warehouse game simulation K + N

Develop a serious warehouse game to upgrade productivity in warehouse processes.

Living Lab Logistics Indonesia

A consortium of Dutch universities of applied sciences (NHTV, Hogeschool Rotterdam, HAN) and the Kennisakkoord Logistiek Network (in which also Dutch branch organizations are participating) in cooperation with several Indonesian universities. Project management is provided by Dinalog.

Publication Pedestrians: ‘Lopen Loont’

How to encourage and facilitate walking in Dutch city planning, finalized in a Handbook for Dutch cities.

Business Sustainability Reporting

The research goal is to develop a system for Public Transport Companies to report on their Sustainability efforts, in relation to the Global Reporting initiative (GRI).

Optimal design of urban green

This project has the following key words: Urban green, choice-modeling, physiological reactions, environmental psychology.

Toolbox Placemaking and mobility

Toolbox, how to implement the method Placemaking in Dutch situations and extra attention to the (yet underdeveloped) mobility aspect in the method placemaking.

Cycling experience and Behaviour change Brabant

The province Noord-Brabant has the ambition to become Cycling region of the Netherlands in 2020.

Handbook on land use and transportation (in Dutch)

Over the years, much knowledge and information is gathered about the relationship between the built environment and Travel Behaviour. A new handbook on this relationship has been written containing all present day insights from science and practice.

Masterclass Public Space

Providing planners with a Handbook and Master Class on processes and tools for organizing successful public spaces.

Story of urban intelligence

Urban Intelligence is more than an ordinary professorship. For us innovation comes with a smile!

Disruption Management

Developing a disruption tool and approach connected to SCOR model and Global Supply Chain Forum.

Logistic support Alpe D’Huzes event

The famous cycling event for fundraising for cancer research in the French Alps is becoming too large for a simple logistic approach. The organization needs a professional approach to organize the goods flow to and from the Alp.

Modal shift in Total Logistics

This project is explained by: The idea behind the round table concept; Aim of the round table; Effect; Participants; Next Steps.

Supply Chain Finance

Aim was a collaboration with ControlPay and G-ray.

Compass sustainable transport of goods (Kompas duurzaam goederenvervoer)

The Programme aims to develop a tool that helps companies to further invest in sustainability. The tool must be public and is structured on the basis of a case with 8 transport companies.

Supply Chain Finance

Collaboration with ControlPay and G-ray.

Simulation of Locks RWS (Rijkswaterstaat)

Development of a simulation tool for capacity management for locks. The tools shows the resulting waiting times for ships and cars on different lock systems. The second study was the application of the tool on the Houtribcentrale in Lelystad to see if waiting problems in the future could arise.

Dinalog Lab / Innovation Lab

In the lab, knowledge is combined between education (by deploying students and lecturers) and industry. The starting-point is developing concepts that form the basis for the logistics direction center – the control tower – of the future. The control tower can direct and optimize several supply chains at the same time shortly.

Breakthrough project (Bundelen Goederenstromen)

Vertical and horizontal cooperation of shippers and transporters. A number of tools have been designed to simplify horizontal cooperation. Workshops have been organised about best practices, legal framework and operational coordination.

Process Dashboard

KPI Dashboards have been deliverd to 6 of the 9 participating companies.

Graduation Thesis: Avoiding Rush Hour

A study on how to influence smart travel behaviour by learning from data of public transport users. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Lifetime neighbourhoods

A research to opportunities to develop liftetime neighbourhoods in the city of Tilburg, disctrict Armhoefse Akkers. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis : Contract innovation

The development and use of a choice model which makes structured contract management possible. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Route Choices

A research to route choices of elderly bicyclists. A study to what extent route choices of elderly cyclists differ from younger cyclists. (English)

Graduation Thesis: Design for Future Seniors

A research to innovative concepts fitting the needs of future seniors wihtin post-war cities. Concepts of living, health-care and design public space. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis : Balancing workload nurses

A research on the balance between workload and the number of working nurses. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis : Urban Forest

Urban Forest; not in my back yard! A research to resistance factors of residents against urban green in their street. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis : Barcode scan for safety

A study on the feasibility of bedside scanning in order to guarantee patients safety. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Bicycle Parking

To what extent are Dutch bicycle parking facilities transferable to the Danish situation? A research to the differences between Danish and Dutch bicycle cultures. (English)

Graduation Thesis: Smart Travel Choices

How to stimulate car users to switch mode of transportation during rush hour in Maastricht? A qualitative research to the mentality of different user groups in relation to the travel mode choice. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Circular Flowertown

A study to sustainable energy balance in modern cities and how to integrate this in urban desgin. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Manage logistic processes

Developing a logistic model for managing internal logistic processes. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis : Space and Mobility

Understanding the synergy between spatial factors and mobility factors. Developing decision making guidelines to achieve optimal integration between space and mobility. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Optimize care path system

A study on optimizing the care path for lymph node patients. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Future of Rural Areas

What to do with vacant agricultural buildings in region of Noord-Brabant? Four possible future scenarios show the opportunities for vacant agricultural buildings. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Social Networks

Development of a future-proof residential location, what role should cities play in stimulating social networks in neighbourhoods. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Environmental Bylaws

Environment Protection Bylaw, a research on chances and possibilities to draw up bylaws for the protection of living environments. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis : Process optimization

A research on process optimization for Siemens. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Optimize machine planning

A study on the optimization of the planning for the NH5000 (knife machine) at Holmatro. (Dutch)

Graduation Thesis: Excellent Business Park

How to accomplish an excellent business park. A guide to a sustainable future for business parks Noorderveld and Molletjesveer. (Dutch)