ABEL alumnus wins KuiperCompagnons award

Tim Bachmayer (Breda University of Applied Sciences) and Rapa Surajaras (TU Delft) received the KuiperCompagnons Graduation award for both their thesises. 'It's a massive honor. Due to this price, I've started believing in my plan even more'.


In Tim's graduation project, he put two fascinations together: the role that the Twents' cultural landscape has in the applicaton towards durable energy, and the contribution our own planet can provide to that. 'I have been feeling for a while that the discussion regarding energytrasition is very one-sided. Or it's talking about the arrival of windfarms and sunfield or the fact that we need to live more economically. However, I think the real solutions should be found in technological innovations, in areas that we aren't looking into right now.'


In his research, Tim proposes to use the salt caverns surrounding the city of Haaksbergen as storage for sustainable energy - by way of RFA-batteries, hydrogen or compressed air. Salt extraction company Nouryon is interested in this idea, and how they can bring a second life to their caverns. Tim's idea could be a possible solution.
Now that he is active at two agencies - engineering company Antea and design agency CroonenBuro5 - there's space and time to expand on the ideas. 'At Antea, I can improve my proposal on a strategic level: what technique is necessary, how do we combine several systems, how do we get funding? At CroonenBuro5, I can extend on the designing side of things. How will the landscape change due to my interventions?'