Annual parent school day

Friday November 15, we held our annual school day for the parents of our new first year students.

Over 150 parents of the first year Built Environment & Logistics students traveled to Breda to experience what their kids do in school. During this rainy Autumn day, we invited them to our annal parent day. After the walk-in, and while warming up with the comfort of a cup of coffee or tea, there was a presentation per study course. During this presentation, we informed the parents about BUas, the academy for Built Environment and Logistics as well as some course specifics of their son or daughter's study.

Afterwards, depending on the student's course, they would have an action packed afternoon by participating in a workshop or a small game. The results of the workshop even got assessed by the students themselves!

Studious and fanatic parents made beautiful design while working in groups, or played a fun Logistical game. The afternoon ended with a drink in the cafetaria of the Frontier building. All in all it was, once again, a very successful and fun day for everyone!