Breda Hackathon 'People & Goods on the Move'


"Breda Hackathon 2018 connects students from all NHTV academies on the topic of People and Goods on the Move" 


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The concept

Breda Hackathon 2018 'People and Goods on the Move' is launched in a combined effort between NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, the city of Breda an Youth for Public Transport (Y4PT). The Breda Hackathon connects students from different NHTV academies to participate in a sprint-like event in which small groups of young professionals search for innovative and creative solutions for everyday problems. The results of a workshop can be a program, prototype, test model, a tool, a design solution or a concept. 


The Breda hackathon is not about winning. It is about creating community sense, meeting other young professionals with different backgrounds enhancing your professional network in a meaningful way. It is about creating awareness that young professionals can change the world for the better. That all new ideas are significant to the world we live in and that new ideas come forth out of meaningful networks of people. It is about exploring the potential of cross-sectoral collaboration. It is about challenging yourself as young professional to put yourself on a stage where opportunities become real.


All over the world local transport hackathons are organized as qualifier events to the Y4PT Global Hackathon series. Representatives of the winning teams of the hackathon will join the Global Hackathon series in world cities to rethink transport of people and improve mobility for all! The Y4PT Network exists out of volunteering mentors, young professionals, public transport organizations, Universities and world cities. This network is called 'The Ring'. 




Topics of Breda Hackathon 2018

The topics of of the Breda Hackathon are listed below. The topics are formulated in a way that it should be appealing to students from different studies as well as nationalities. The topics are furthermore alligned with the next Global Y4PT Hackathon in Dubai and the City of Breda.


  • Happiness in Publict Transport
  • Explore and discover cities in a sustainable way
  • Healthy lifestyles and active modes 
  • World migration, masses on the move


NHTV People and Goods on the Move

Innovative developments will influence the travel behaviour of people, vehicles and goods in the future. Just think of the technological developments in the field of electrically powered transport, autonomous transport, and the development of smart cities, including all attendant data. Or what about the debate on climate change, energy transition, and adaptive and liveable cities – all affecting the domain of spatial planning. NHTV seeks to prepare for these developments with its cross-academic educational offerings. Learn more, here.

Youth for public Transportation

The mission of Y4PT is to develop real opportunities through which young professional’s ideas can contribute to a better mobility for everyone. Y4PT believes in and promotes a sustainable future, where public transport is completely integrated with other means of transport and provides a positive experience of mobility for all citizens, playing a key role in achieving the environmental, social and economic sustainability of communities around the world. One of the many Y4PT initiatives is the Y4PT hackathon series:


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The results!

The results of the 5 participating teams can be found under additional information below this article. During the two-day event 5 teams of mixed students from all NHTV academies (e.g. Tourism, Built Environment, Leisure, Gaming and Logistics) worked on ideas, pitches, busines cases and their final presentation of the professional jury. The jury existed out of the Academy Director of Built Environment & Logistics, a research & innovation manager of NHTV and a senior mobility advisor of the City of Breda. Besides surprising ideas the hackathon connected students from different academies in a challenging and meaningful way and friendships were formed. The following years NHTV, the City of Breda and Y4PT aim to evolve the Breda Hackathon to yearly returning event and NHTV will explore within the Province of Noord-Brabant if it is possible to organize a Global Hackathon in the region in the near future in which teams of young professionals from all knowledge institutes in the region of Brabant will come up with innovative ideas together with all winners of the local hackathons from all over the world.

Impressions of the event