Dinalog Lab / Innovation Lab

In February 2012 a graduation project was carried out by logistic students at Jumbo and Mars in conjunction with Eyeon and Dinalog.
Purpose was developing an integral forecast method at supply chain level.


In April 2012 3rd year students had an internship at 12Return and Dinalog (recycling logistics).


Dinalog Year Event 2013 (April 4th, 2013).

A presentation of the concepts of the participating companies in a one-hour ‘College Tour’ setting took place
Interactivity with the audience was achieved via interactive tools.
Presentation and moderation was done by Bram Havekes, as – in this project - spindle between the Universities of Applied Science and the participating companies.

In February 2013 Gijs van Merode had his internship at ArgusI, one of the partners in this project.
He researched the usability and validity of the Warehouse Benchmark which ArgusI already has in place in their product portfolio.
With this rearch the insights in the usability and extendibility has grown.

In cooperation between Dinalog, Avans and NHTV, a proposal is done for the ‘DinalogLAB 2.0’ version, in which the way new companies and the Universities of Applied Science (NHTV, Avans, Hogeschool Zeeland) can work together effectively.

Bram Havekes, Albert Mandemakers, Sjef de Jong