No expectations, a trip to Oman

On Friday March the 15th our flight arrived at Al seed Airport (Muscat, Oman) for a one-week work related trip to the Middle East College in Muscat. Since 2017 there is a close partnership between these two logistics-oriented institutes. The objective behind this partnership is that the MEC wants to develop a comparable level of education as is normally offered to students studying at the BUAS. The purpose of our trip was to gain insight in our partner’s curriculum development.


During our stay we visited the MEC every workday and encountered a very eager staff that started their new academic year one week before we arrived. The atmosphere at the MEC was very welcoming, hospitable and driven, as they have set challenging goals for themselves which they are determined to achieve.


It was a challenging week in which we enjoyed the above-mentioned atmosphere every day. We learnt a lot about educational and cultural standards and noticed classes full of Omani girls and boys whom are striving to become the employees of the future work field.


Of course, a lot of differences became obvious between our Dutch students and the Omani students. Most of these differences were simply related to a different cultural background. Besides the cultural differences we noticed a lot of similarities, both groups of students are gifted with sometimes undiscovered or still not developed talent but truly aware of the importance of graduating on a university level.
during the workdays it was our honor to teach and inform students and lecturers regarding our logistics work field and our standards of education in the Netherlands. It was a week with a perfect work life balance in a dynamic environment.


We came to Oman without expectations, but returned with a backpack full of energy, learnings, experience and a trip to never forget!
Eventually we’d like to thank all students and staff of the Middle East College for a splendid trip and to allow us to gain a remarkable insight in your daily life!


Justin van de Pas en Luuk Koopman