NWO-project InFuS@2.0 finished


This NWO-subsidized project InFus@2.0 was launched in November 2017 with 5 consortium-partners, as depicted in the logo’s:
• Fontys Venlo
• Eindhoven University of Technology
• Breda University of Applied Sciences 
• InThere


The goal of the InFuS@2.0-project was 5-fold:
1. Make calculation tools and microgames with respect to spare parts
2. Develop a serious game related to cross-border logistics,
3. Investigate where the biggest training needs of smaller sized companies are with respect to pre-defined innovation themes and develop that training in an interactive environment
4. Determine how/where/when there’s possible synergies between training curricula of commercial and public training institutes with respect to these innovation themes
5. Create and launch an easily accessible games platform for multi-user purpose in order to increase the attractiveness of ‘life-long learning’ through these games.


Although the overall results of this investigation- and implementation project are fewer than planned, the quality of what was realized is very high. Two consortium partners had to step out of the project for various reasons. The biggest challenge at the start of this program was to find common ground between commercial business partners and companies from the public domain, mainly in terms of determining the way to reach commonly accepted goals. Differences in opinions have led to numerous challenges throughout the duration of the project, but despite of these differences we’ve been able to achieve the following:
A- A very interesting serious game and 3 calculation tools about determining optimal inventory levels for spare parts in multi-purpose/multi-client warehouses
B- A platform for serious games, multi-user accessible, with unique training features and immediate feedback for further learning development
C- A full-fletch training course for application of Business Intelligence in a user-friendly environment and with new didactical tools to get a better understanding of (big) data and immediately apply the learnings of the course to improve business results. The training efficiency is evaluated by playing a serious game with instantaneous feedback.
On top of this, 2 scientific articles about spare parts inventory optimization are written by TU/e and will be published in Q4 2019.


Developed games: 



(to play the game, please contact Eric Hopstaken - hopstaken.e@buas.nl)



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