What do you with your unused medicines?


In the 4th year Minor Modern Business in a changing world, ten 4th year students Logistics and Hotel management from Breda University of applied Sciences are investigating the possibilities of medicine waste reduction.


In the Netherlands, every year people hand in over €100.000.000 worth of unused medication. However, students’ research showed that this number originated from only 31% of the people that are actually handing in their medicine. This percentage is really low, especially when you realize that the rest of the unused medicines, which are chemical waste, end up in our household waste and drinking water. This can cause resistance towards certain types of medication and has negative effects on the aquatic life, such as gender change for fish. Besides the risks and effects by pollution, the economic damage can go up to more than € 300 million of unused medicines, knowing that today medicines are only handed in by 1/3 of the population.


The students see it as a responsibility to change the behavior of the population from a social, economic and logistics perspective. In collaboration with the municipality of Breda, Logistics Community Brabant and the company NEXT, the client in this project, the students have started the project Medica-Turn. With Medica-Turn, the goal is to increase the amount of returned medication and decrease the amount of medicine in our household waste and drinking water. In a pilot they have set up a cooperation with the municipality Breda and 4 pharmacists in Breda to test and learn how the behavior of population can be influenced that more unused medicines will be returned.


So, do you have left-over medicines? Return them to the pharmacies or the nearby recycling centers. For more information regarding this project, please visit the website: https://www.medica-turn.nl/